FOR FOREIGN GUESTS: Sample Travel Package! 5. aprill 2009

Dear film fans!

Update: English page is now online!

Whilst our English page is still under construction (sorry!) and will be finished in a few days, here's a sample travel package that gives you a short overview how easy (and cheap) it is to come to Haapsalu!

Come and have a nice weekend with horror and mud!

In case of questions don't hesitate to ask our hospitality deparment at hoff(at)


From Finland

There are several ferries crossing between Helsinki and Tallinn (the capital of Estonia) each day and prices and timetables of all companies are listed in Estravel's portal Webmarine.

The average price for one way ticket is around 30-35 EUR with the cheapest one being

Linda Line and Eckerö Line (around 20 EUR). However, the most reliable has been

Tallink Star with relatively fast journey time of 2 hours and being not dependant on bad weather.

From Tallinn to Haapsalu is a 2 hour journey from Tallinn Central Bus Station.

The most reasonable option to get from all of the ferry terminals to Central Bus Station is by taxi.

Beware of the taxis in the harbour, the festival recommends calling either Tulika taxi 1200, Reval Taxi (+372 621 2111) or Marabu taxi (+372 650 0006). The price shouldn't exceed 100 Estonian kroons (approximately 6-7 EUR), please agree on the price beforehand.


From airport

The Central Bus Station is very near to the airport and taxi is again a reasonable option. Please see corresponding taxi information above, and preording a cab is highly recommended. The price shouldn't exceed 5-6 EUR.

From Central Bus Station there are several direct buses to Haapsalu during the day for the price of 6-7 EUR per one way. Detailed schedules are available at Bussireisid website.

In Haapsalu everything is in walking distance from the bus station and you would probably like to study the city map.

Accommodation in Haapsalu

There are several options available ranging from very good budget hostel "Sport" (9 EUR/night) , middle level hostel "Vanalinna Bowling" (31 EUR for 2 persons), up to excellent budget hotels such as "Promenaadi" (40 EUR per person). Detailed information is avaiable soon at Accommodation page.


Eats and Drinks

Eats and drinks are relatively cheap in Haapsalu ranging from 5-10 EUR per proper meals with pints costing around 2-3 EUR. The festival recommends an excellent cafe Müüriääre with dishes with little touch of Italy however there are several other good value cafes and eateries around.


Festival passes

HÕFF recommends buying festival three day pass for the price of 18 EUR.

Sample budget

  • Helsinki-Tallinn-Helsinki 60 EUR
  • Bus tickets Tallinn-Haapsalu-Tallinn 12 EUR
  • 2 nights in "Sport" hostel 18 EUR
  • Festival pass 15 EUR (special discount)
  • Total: 105 EUR for 3 days (2 nights)


Note on currency

Estonian currency is kroon (1 EUR = 15,6466 kroons). The most reasonable exchange rates are available either banks or Tavid currency exchange. 

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